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Dragon Ball Creator Talks Creation of Villains For New Movie

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

Dragon Ball is very close to its return (in Japan at least) as the upcoming Super movie, ironically called Super Hero, will be arriving in theaters in Japan on June 11th. Many fans are excited for this because of how much the series has been missed since the Broly movie and the end of the Super anime. But it won’t be familiar villains per se that will be facing off against the Z-Fighters. Rather, it’s two new creations from an old enemy.

In the Super Hero movie, the Red Ribbon Army is going to return in a new form (meaning new leadership) and that leadership has worked to create what they feel are the strongest androids ever via Gamma 1 & 2. And in a special interview, Akira Toriyama himself revealed the concepts behind the creation of the Gammas:

“The Gamma androids were created by the brilliant Dr. Hedo, who dream was for cliche heroes to appear,” Toriyama begins, “These slightly old-fashioned designs are the embodiment of what I imagined heroes to be like when I was young.”

That would explain quite a bit, including how the Gammas have numbered uniforms, yet are just different enough from one another to be differentiated, and so on. Toriyama is bringing in his childhood to help influence the future. And apparently, he really likes how the characters sound in the movie:

“The two voice actors breathed life into them with pitch-perfect voices, so seeing them in action was cooler than expected.”

It’s good to see that the fruits of his labors are well and truly paying off. There’s still a lot we don’t know about the upcoming Dragon Ball movie, including the potential “third villain” that the recent trailers and first looks have been teasing.

Hopefully we’ll get more information on everything after the film hits theaters!