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Dr. Stone Returns To Toonami May 15

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In a sea of cookie-cutter anime, Dr. Stone stands out. Half post-apocalyptic adventure, half science lesson, it’s educational as well as entertaining. It was a great addition to Toonami last year, and its presence has been missed. Good news, then — a second season of the anime aired in Japan a couple months ago, and Toonami is getting the English dub at record speed.

The backstory of Dr. Stone is that due to an unexplained event, every animal life form on the planet was suddenly turned to stone and remained that way for millennia, until by pure chance the right chemicals to unfreeze people started dripping from a cave stalactite. It woke up Senku, the titular Dr. Stone — and currently, the only known living scientist with the knowhow to restart civilization.

The original season of Dr. Stone was basically two separate stories: in the first arc, teenage Taiju is awoken by the same manner only to discover Senku up and about, trying to find ways to de-stone more people. Taiju’s main concern is his girlfriend. After she’s revived, they go for a third person, but this guy can’t be trusted at all. The two teens make a plan to pose as his allies (and spies) while Dr. Stone goes elsewhere, searching for a means of defeating him.

Not long after that, Senku discovers a village of people who somehow have been awake for centuries before him. They are amazed by his scientific knowledge and eventually make him their leader. But the villain he left behind is still out there, amassing an army of defrosted humans to take over the village…can Dr. Stone defend his new friends? The upcoming season will reveal the answer.

Dr. Stone will settle in at 1 AM on a schedule that looks like this:

12:00AM – Dragon Ball Super
12:30AM – My Hero Academia
1:00AM – Dr. Stone: Stone Wars
1:30AM – Food Wars! The Third Plate
2:00AM – The Promised Neverland
2:30AM – Black Clover
3:00AM – Naruto Shippūden
3:30AM – Attack on Titan

The second season of Dr. Stone will be a short one at just eleven episodes, but a third season is now in production, based on the manga’s “Age of Exploration” arc.