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Doraemon: Story Of Seasons Announced For PC And Switch

doraemon: story of seasons

Both manga and video game fans got a shock this week. Why is it so surprising that Doraemon: Story Of Seasons is being localized for a US audience on PC and Switch this fall?

It helps to know what Doraemon is — the titular character is a blue robot cat from the 22nd century, and the star of a VERY long-running manga and anime. He’s as huge as Mickey Mouse in Japan, but barely recognized elsewhere. Doraemon stuff very rarely crosses the seas.

Story of Seasons itself is worth discussing. For those who have never heard about it: the makers of Harvest Moon and the publishers of Harvest Moon had a falling out some years ago. Natsume now publishes Harvest Moon games with a different development team, while the original dev team now makes their own farming sims under the title “Story of Seasons.”

Most people assumed that Doraemon: Story of Seasons would not get a localization due to the fact that Doraemon games never really do. This might be the first game to ever be localized in the West with the blue cat in a starring role.

The popular anime character – Doraemon meets the hugely popular Story of Seasons series in a brand new game DORAEMON STORY OF SEASONS. Players will be able to enjoy traditional Story of Seasons activities like growing crops, cultivating their farm, exploring, bug hunting and many more.

Nobita and other familiar faces from the Doraemon franchise will take part in a heart-warming journey across the games original town. Players will develop the town and their own farm while interacting and forming bonds with the other inhabitants. Of course, Doraemon’s secret gadgets will be there to help them along the way!

Expect Doraemon: Story of Seasons to appear on Nintendo Switch and PC in the fall of 2019.