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Doom Eternal For Nintendo Switch To Get Release Date Soon

Doom Eternal

When it comes to the Nintendo Switch, it’s a powerful system that uses HD graphics well as shown via games like Breath of the Wild, Splatoon 2, Super Mario Odyssey, Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition and more. But, compared to the Xbox One and PS4 (as well as the up and coming next-gen systems) they do lag behind in the graphical department, causing certain ports of titles to not look as good. But, for the team at Bethesda, they want to make sure that their titles when possible come to Switch, and that includes Doom Eternal.

Doom Eternal released earlier in the year to incredible praise, including its insane difficulty, story, and just the sheer amount of action that it showed off to players. The game was supposed to be released simultaneously to the Switch but that later was pushed back.

Gamereactor spoke with Doom Eternal developers Marty Stratton and Hugo Martin during GameLab Live 2020 and they noted that we should be getting a release date for the Switch version of the game “pretty soon” and they noted that the game would be as good as the 2016 version of Doom was on Switch. Which is praise that fans can take heart in.

For those who don’t remember, Doom 2016 was handled by Panic Button, and while they did have to downgrade the graphics a bit, the game still looked good and played very well for gamers, which no doubt led to the decision to bring Eternal to the system. Panic Button will again be handling the port and Bethesda praised them as “Masters Of The System” in regards to how they were able to make it work.

No doubt the port of Eternal will be welcome to the Switch as 2020 has been a bit light on releases due in part to timing and the global lockdown. So destroying monsters with over the top weaponry might be just what they need.