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Don’t Miss Radiant Historia On 3DS


What was one of the best RPGs on the original DS? Ask anyone educated in the genre, and they’ll tell you “Radiant Historia.” But if you missed it back then, where can you find it now? The good news is that you don’t have to pay top prices for a used eBay copy anymore. Atlus decided to give this amazing game a second chance and created a remastered 3DS version, and it’s out this very second.

New story elements and a third timeline have been added to this Director’s Cut, as well as new character voice-overs, a brand-new opening animation by A-1 Pictures, a new theme song, event illustrations, five new tracks from the original composer, and additional difficulty settings. But if you prefer the DS original the way it was, there’s an option to play the unrevised 2011 version.

Radiant Historia has been compared to RPGs from the Golden Age like Final Fantasy 3/6 and Chrono Trigger. If you’re not yet convinced, you can try a sample for yourself: a new demo for the game is now downloadable from the Nintendo eShop. Complete the demo, and it will unlock bonus items in the main game.

Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology is out now for Nintendo 3DS.

It’s been six years since Radiant Historia was released on Nintendo DS in 2011, but it’s time to return to Vainqueur and unlock the time traveling power of the White Chronicle once again in Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology. This beloved classic is an expanded 3DS port of the original game that will contain a great deal of added gameplay/story content, updated presentation, and new ways to experience the adventure!