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Don’t Forget Forgotton Anne

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Would you believe Throughline Games’ Forgotton Anne is an indie video game and not the next Ghibli film? Check out the impressive video below, which mixes fluid anime motion with puzzle platforming and exploration. How soon can we get our mitts on it?

The Anne of the title is trapped in the Forgotten Lands, the realm where all your missing socks and misplaced tools are sent. To escape, she’ll need the help of her bearded friend Master Bonku and the Forgotlings — creatures made up of the missing items. We didn’t misspell the title — there’s no explanation as of yet for the “O” in “Forgotton.”

After wowing the crowds at conventions and expos throughout 2017, Forgotton Anne is almost ready to ship. Square Enix is handling distribution through their Collective arm and the game will be out next month.

“As anyone who was able to catch Forgotton Anne throughout 2017 will know, this is one of the best, most striking looking games we’ve ever put out,” says Phil Elliott, director of indie publishing at Square Enix West. “This isn’t just an adventure that looks like an anime, it’s anime in full, fluid motion. We simply cannot wait to get this beauty into the hands of gamers – it’s a story as delicate and engaging as the world it plays out in.”

Forgotton Anne will be released a little more than a month from now, on Playstation 4, XBox One and PC (where’s the Switch version?) The adventure begins May 15.

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