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Don’t Forget About Tuca & Bertie

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One of the best animated shows of this new decade returns for a miracle second season tonight. Don’t forget that Tuca & Bertie starts airing on Adult Swim at 11:30 PM starting this evening. Especially if you’re one of the handful who Nielsen actually counts as a TV viewer.

Bertie is a neurotic, put-upon underdog (underbird?) prone to anxiety issues who’s just trying to struggle through life. Her bestie Tuca is a loud, proud party toucan constantly getting into trouble. The series, created by Bojack Horseman’s Lisa Hanawalt, created instant buzz upon its release in 2019 — and was then promptly cancelled, a move so baffling we can only assume Pastry Pete had some pull with the Netflix execs.

Tuca & Bertie takes advantage of animation in ways that very few animated shows today are willing to. It’s not just a world where animals talk, but where an entire lake is composed of jelly and everyone acts like that’s just a normal occurrence in nature. Sight gags and creative visuals pop off every frame, and you really, truly don’t know what to expect next. There is an episode in Season 1 where Bertie’s right boob suddenly detaches itself and walks out the door of its own will, and the hole in her chest remains for the next few scenes.

From the few clips and previews we’ve gotten of Adult Swim’s Season 2, we expect a lot of this insanity to continue. Unfortunately for Bertie, a lot of the good fortune that finally came her way at the end of last season seems to have reversed itself. Sales have cooled for her home baking business, forcing her to return to her old position at Conde Nest. Worse yet, the slimy Pasty Pete has managed to survive his social media backlash and bounced back more successful than ever (how he tamed the Twitter crowd, I don’t know — this may be the most exaggerated thing of all).

It’s back to Square One for Bertie, but at least she has Tuca. But does she have you? The only way you can help this poor bird survive such a cruel world is to start watching and supporting the series. Staple a Post-It to your forehead if you have to, but DON’T FORGET Tuca & Bertie is airing Sunday nights at 11:30 on Adult Swim.