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Doctor Who Coming To……Disney XD?


Blimey, who could have seen this one coming? The channel that began as Toon Disney, and was slowly turning back into Toon Disney, has taken a sudden left-field turn into BBC acquisitions. Disney has purchased rerun rights to seasons two through four of the revised series, meaning just the Tenth Doctor years starring David Tennant. (It’s worth pointing out if you want Classic Who instead, it can now be seen two episodes per day on Retro TV, which a fair portion of the country can receive free over antenna waves.)

Up to this point, the Disney networks have been the only ones to broadcast children’s content 24 hours a day, and there’s a reason for it: no advertiser will pay for a kid-targeted show that airs when they’re in bed. Disney’s family networks, however, don’t air any advertising (at least the feeds I get don’t), and are free to show their daytime programming at whatever hour they want. Disney really has no reason to throw a program for older viewers on Disney XD late at night, except possibly as a ratings experiment.

If the Doctor really has to visit Disney XD, let’s hope he takes up space that would have been given to a rerun of Kirby Buckets or some other inane cheap kidcom, rather than cutting into time for Gravity Falls or Star Vs. The Forces of Evil. A Time Lord worth his sonic screwdriver would know that.

Doctor Who will air on Disney XD starting May 9th as a special presentation, then settle into a regular schedule on June 13. It will also be available on the Watch Disney XD app.