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Doctor Strange Director Wants To Do Constantine Movie


The state of comic book movies is very much up in the air for both Marvel and DC Comics right now. Many are still debating whether Birds of Prey is a hit for DC Comics (hint: it is), the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a bit up in the air at points, and several of their projects are having trouble getting off the ground at points. This includes Director Scott Derrickson leaving the Doctor Strange sequel. But if you believe him, he wants to jump to another magical character in the comics world…John Constantine.

This comes from Derrickson himself, who was asked by a fan that since he’s free from Marvel (as he left Multiverse of Madness due to “creative issues” with Disney) would he jump to DC Comics to do a Justice League Dark film (which has been trying to get made for many years now).

His response was simple.

Obviously, this is not confirmation of anything, but a tease of what COULD happen. Lest we forget, Constantine has had a movie before via the Keanu Reeves picture which has become something of a cult classic. But more importantly than that, good ol’ John has been lighting it up on television. First with his cult classic NBC series that got cancelled, and then with the Legends of Tomorrow over on the CW.

Derrickson no doubt would bring his skills with horror into any movie with the infamous Brit, and that might be a possible thing with both Joker and Birds of Prey getting R-ratings and doing well in their own rights. Joker made over $1 billion dollars (and won Oscars) and Birds of Prey was one of the most critically praised DC Comics films of the DCEU era.

So could this movie happen in the way Derrickson wants? Signs are pointing to yes.