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Ditto Arrives In Pokemon Go


This Thanksgiving weekend, when you’re through stuffing your face and you need a break from angrily arguing politics with relatives, pull out Pokemon Go and search around. You might find something interesting…though you won’t notice at first.

One of the most demanded Pokemon that wasn’t in the early version of the game has finally begun appearing — Ditto. But the means of catching him are a little different because he doesn’t make himself known the way he tradtionally does. In the main games he appears in his natural, blobby, chewed-gum form, but in Go he could be anyone. Just start catching random Pokemon — any Pidgey or Rattata will do — and eventually, one of them will turn out to be a Ditto in disguise.

True to his nature, Ditto can transform into any Pokemon you put in front of him. When you’re battling at a Gym, Ditto will use his Transform move to become the first Pokemon he sees, so you’ll have to think about when to use him. Once he transforms, you’ll have access to the moves the rival Pokemon uses.

Niantic confirmed Ditto’s addition to Pokemon Go today, and mentioned he will be catchable in all regions of the world the game can be played in.