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Disney’s Wish Premieres On Disney+ April 3

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Disney had high hopes for Wish, the animated film that marked their centennial anniversary. The studio that produced recent hits like Frozen, Moana and Encanto figured this would be their biggest picture yet. It wasn’t; it only earned a fraction of what those big hits did.

Unfortunately, most critics feel they stumbled with this one. The consensus is that the approach was wrong. Instead of desperately trying to “tie everything together” with references and allusions, Disney should’ve celebrated their birthday by reminding people why they love the animated classics in the first place: in short, they should’ve just created a good movie.

In the recent past when a Disney film has underperformed, it’s been rushed to the Disney+ service at lightning speed (remember how quickly we got Strange World? ….Remember Strange World at all?) But this didn’t happen with Wish. We’ve had to wait five months for any sign of a streaming release. Perhaps their pride prevented them from dumping it too quickly.

The announcement was made this morning: Wish will appear on Disney+ in two weeks’ time, April 3. For a lot of people this will be their first exposure to the film. Subscribers will be eating good around this time, with Wish, X-Men 97, and the totally insane Renegade Nell appearing at once.

Since wishing and magic have been core themes of the Disney brand from the beginning, Wish weaves its plot from those elements directly. It’s set in the fantastical Kingdom of Rosas, ruled by the evil King Magnfiico, a despot who holds captive the wishes of his own citizens to hold onto his power. Asha, a teenage girl from Rosas, ends up making a wish so big it takes corporeal form and starts doing wacky things.

Magnifico now has one goal: to capture that anthropomorphic wish! Both he and Asha know it can potentially change the balance of power in Rosas and possibly get rid of Magnifico. Together with her friends Asha makes a plan to save the kingdom.

Some Disney fans felt “Once Upon A Studio” would have made for a better 100th anniversary movie instead of a short, but there’s not really enough “meat” there for something larger. Anyway, we got what we got. When Wish shows up at your door on April 3, you can do with it what you will.

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