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Disney Shows Off Raya and the Last Dragon Animators Work

Raya and the Last Dragon

This year for Disney so far has been very odd in terms of their releases. Mainly because like in 2020 there were a lot of delays, as well as a lot of questions about what would be put on Disney+ singular, and what would be released in theaters. For them, their first major movie of the year was that of Raya and the Last Dragon. A movie that gained a lot of praise for its accurate and (mostly) realistic depiction of Southeastern Asia and its people. Not to mention having a protagonist in Raya who broke a lot of barriers in the “Disney Princess” realm.

The movie was praised for all sorts of reasons, including its animation and fight scenes. But what some people sometimes fail to realize is just how much effort and detail goes into making every scene feel alive. Especially when that scene is a crowded one.

So, Disney’s animation Twitter decided to highly some of the details found within Raya and the Last Dragon.

As you can see, there had to be a lot of work done in terms of 3D modeling and animation in order to make these scenes feel alive in a grand way. Seeing the layers of the animation goes to prove just how hard the team had to work to get the feeling of this being a “real city” and having “real people” working and moving around. Hopefully this will be noticed by you the next time you watch a movie like Raya or the other Disney/Pixar films in 3D.

As for what’s next for Disney/Pixar, they have their mermaid movie Luka coming out later this year and it’s set to be a rather unique film no doubt. Especially since its animation have to deal with a lot of transformations and underwater antics.