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Disney Reveals New Info On Their 2019 Streaming Service


How many classic shows will Disney be offering from its library when it launches its own streaming service in 2019? That’s the question everyone’s been asking….do recent comments from CES shed light?

The comments came from Ben Sherwood, president of Disney-ABC Television Group. Speaking at Variety‘s Entertainment Summit at CES 2018, Sherwood said that his division would be the largest contributor to the service, and that they plan to supply 7,000-8,000 TV episodes from their library. “What kind” is the billion-dollar question; we all have our specific list of rare Disney shows, animated or otherwise, that we’d like to see again.

In addition, Sherwood said the Disney-ABC division is planning to launch 3-4 original series and 3-4 original movies on the new service. He was just as vague about what these could be, with one exception: he revealed that one of the shows will be an original series based on Disney’s “High School Musical” franchise. Sharpay’s Fabulous Series (not the actual title) isn’t personally what we’re waiting for, but they have 2-3 other chances to get it right.

“We’re going through this unbelievable moment of transformation in how we take television and distribute it,” said Sherwood. The television business is going through some radical changes, but he insisted that the traditional broadcast model will remain significant in the future — if it’s done right. “If we continue to make great stuff, we’ll be able to get our fair share of [viewers],” Sherwood said. “People will be watching more television than ever in the ways it’s distributed to them.”

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