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Disney+ Now Has Finding Nemo Dory’s Reef Cam


A very popular thing in today’s world is to try and find new and creative ways to bring entertainment to viewers. Whether it be music listening or video viewing, people want new ways to experience things. A new trend that is popular in the world right now is having something simple to watch as you try and go to sleep. To that end, Disney+ has been adding some “cam footage” of popular Disney and Pixar locations and spaces. One of them was the fireplace from Frozen, and now, we have a “Reef Cam” from Finding Nemo.

The “Dory’s Reef Cam” as it’s called is a simple viewing experience where you can see fish in the ocean swimming around, and every once in a while you see Dory, Nemo, Marlon and others swim by as well. The intent is just to calm you down as you prepare to go to sleep, because oftentimes people go to bed with a lot on their mind and it can hard to go into a state of true sleep. But with this? That’ll hopefully change.

If this and the Frozen one work, you can bet that even more of these kinds of cams will come from various other Disney/Pixar films. Or they could add updated versions of the ones they have now, it’s a simple yet effective thing that is meant to draw people to their new app.

Which has been getting a big shot in the arm recently with the various announcements across the Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars lines. Disney is truly setting this up to be an all-encompassing place to get the best entertainment no matter what kind of entertainment you’re looking for.

The only real question now is will there be more content from things like Finding Nemo or other franchises that can be turned into new things or follow more trends? Only time will tell.