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Disney+ Launches On Apple Vision Pro

Disney+ and Apple Vision Pro with Iron Man, Mandalorian, Incredibles, Moana, Jeff Goldblum

With the release of Apple’s latest foray into augmented reality comes a new way to watch Disney+. Subscribers of Disney+ can now watch the streaming app on their Apple Vision Pro device and experience Disney movies and TV shows like never before.

Disney+ on Apple Vision ProTouted as Apple’s first spatial computer, the Vision Pro was launched on February 2nd. Incorporating a 3D camera, spatial audio, and two silicon chips, the Apple Vision Pro is an immersive headset. The device uses hand and eye tracking, and with an advanced form of user interface comes the added benefit of being able to experience Disney programming in a new way. Not only is Disney+ accessible through the Vision Pro, the streaming service can be experienced with some extra features.

This isn’t the first time Disney has paired with Apple. The companies have a long history of working together, as Apple founder Steve Jobs is also responsible for the creation of Pixar. Disney content has been available on iTunes since 2005, and Disney acquired Pixar in 2006. It’s only natural that Apple would partner with Disney again for the Vision Pro. The innovative minds of the teams at Disney Studio Technology, Disney Entertainment and ESPN Technology, ILM Immersive, and Skywalker Sound all collaborated to bring Disney+ to the Apple Vision Pro.

The entire Disney+ catalogue is at Vision Pro users’ fingertips. Subscribers with Disney 3D Disney+ movies available on Apple Vision Probundles can also watch Hulu through the Vision Pro. Through Dolby Vision and Multiview High Efficiency Video Coding, Disney’s 3D movies can be watched in high definition and at a high frame rate. There are currently 42 films available to stream in 3D including Avatar: The Way of Water, Avengers: Infinity War, Star Wars The Force Awakens, and Inside Out.

Another draw to watching Disney+ through the Apple Vision Pro is having an enhanced viewing experience with Disney+ environments. Using the Universal Scene Description format, originally developed by Pixar, there are four selectable landscapes. Backgrounds of Star Wars’ Tatooine, Marvel’s Avengers Tower, Monsters Inc’s Scare Floor, and Disney’s Hollywood theatre El Capitan theatre, users have an additional layer while watching Disney content.

Four Disney+ Environments can be selected with Apple Vision ProDisney has expressed excitement for this new technology and is eager for Disney fans to experience characters, stories, and old favorites in a new way at no additional cost for Disney+ subscribers. Disney plans to announce more titles available to watch in 3D at a later date. Apple Vision Pro starts at $3,499 with 256GB of storage.

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