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Disney+ Developing Nick Fury Series

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Some ideas sound so obvious the moment you hear them that you wonder why they weren’t thought of in the beginning. When Disney announced they were developing a string of miniseries shows based on the Marvel Studios movies, a Nick Fury series was the biggest no-brainer of all…but it took until now to happen.

Variety reported today that Samuel L. Jackson has signed on to reprise the world’s top SHIELD agent in a new series being developed for Disney+. You might be thinking this didn’t happen from the beginning because Mr. Jackson would be difficult to get for a TV project, but that’s where you’d be wrong…he played Fury in a couple of cameo appearances during the first season of Agents Of SHIELD.

Jackson’s Nick Fury has been one of the longest-running characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, appearing for the first time all the way back in the original Iron Man. Given his outside connections to the entire superhero community, he can appear in any series at any time (except if it’s in outer space, but then again, don’t underestimate Fury). Most recently, we saw a much younger Nick (Jackson de-aged with technology) from the 90s in Captain Marvel, where we also learned the anti-climactic way he lost his left eyeball.

The Disney+ Nick Fury series is still early in development, but sources say Kyle Bradstreet has been hired as head writer and executive producer. He formerly worked both those jobs on USA’s Mr. Robot.

“Nick Fury” joins other Marvel Studios shows in development including “Hawkeye,” “Moon Knight” and a She-Hulk series starring Tatiana Maslany. Shows closer to completion and due out in 2021 include Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Loki, plus WandaVision this holiday season. It can’t be promised at this time that the Nick Fury show will make it all the way to your TV set, but given who’s involved, it feels likely.