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Disney Classics Aladdin and Lion King Brought Back To Life


Disney Classic Games has brought original 16-bit “Aladdin” [released in 1993] and “The Lion King” [released in 1994] games back to life with a package deal on PlayStation 4.


Both games included in the package will have four versions – Genesis, GameBoy, Colorized GameBoy and Japanese Mega Drive – and The Lion King will also include the Super Nintendo version. Additionally, players will be able to play the game viewing it just as they would have viewed it back in the day as screen options allow three versions of viewing that mimic the screens that you would have played the games on 25 and 26 years ago.


Even better – you don’t have to lose a game and start over – it’s orange slices for everyone as a “Rewind” option has been incorporated to allow players to go back and fix their mistakes or discover level skips or just do the same thing over again, only better the second time around.


However, perhaps the best element of this package deal, is the inclusion of the “museum” where you will find the history behind both of the games plus content not included in the original 16-bit games. “Aladdin” has a “Final Cut” version which includes many fixes and tweaks from the original 16-bit game.