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Disney Cancels Plans For Tron 3


The Hollywood Reporter has broken the news that Disney has taken Tron 3 off its production slate. Joseph Kosinski was preparing to direct, and Olivia Wilde and Garrett Hedlund were planning to return, but those plans have been axed. This also means you’ll never hear the Tron 3 soundtrack by Daft Punk, which Disney had recently hired (and now fired).

The exact reasons haven’t been announced, but Hollywood Reporter’s best guess is that the tepid box office results for Tomorrowland had something to do with it, which would basically be Disney saying “You didn’t eat all your broccoli, so no candy for you!”

What this means for the future of the property is unknown, but with so many profitable franchises dancing around under Disney’s umbrella, I hope it doesn’t result in a crate full of mothballs for Tron. The public had mixed reactions to Tron: Legacy, but everyone who saw the XD show Tron Uprising, for the entire week it existed, agrees it was one of the coolest cartoons Disney’s ever made. There’s real potential in a neon-glowing cyber-world if it’s in capable hands.

So what is Disney keeping in production for now? Aside from the obvious Star Wars and Marvel movies, we got…..a live-action Beauty and the Beast, a live-action Jungle Book, a live-action Dumbo…..uh…..are you noticing a pattern here? People have already forgotten the live-action remake of Cinderella ever happened. The Frozen short that appeared before it got ten times as much merchandise. Who are these pointless TV-dinner microwaves of decades-old movies for anyway? Tron 3 had a following before one second was filmed (and now that second will never be).