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Disney Blinks On Mulan, Announces On-Demand Release Next Month


The game of chicken between theaters and nature has been going on for some time now, with most locations remaining shuttered while finished pictures the studios dropped millions on sit around. Some pictures simply could not wait any longer to recoup their investments and announced a simultaneous at-home release to at least get something. Others are attached to big studios that can afford to wait it out a bit longer.

It had been accepted that the two films that would most probably herald the post-COVID surge back to cinemas would be Warner Bros’ Tenet and Disney’s Mulan. As of now, we can drop one of those. After initially announcing a March 27 release date, then delaying it to July 24, then delaying it AGAIN to August 21…Disney is FED. UP.

“Fine, you stupid disease — you want to eat into our profits so badly? JUST GET IT OVER WITH!” Mickey hollered during an investors call this morning. “We’re looking at Mulan as a one-off, as opposed to saying there’s some new business windowing model that we’re looking at,” interjected Disney CEO Bob Chapek.

Naturally, Mulan is being released through Disney+. But, ah, here’s the part you’re not gonna like…that’s not enough. Even if you have a Disney+ subscription, the company won’t let you watch this unless you fork over an additional $29.99. There’s more…this is a rental price, only good for one viewing (so don’t even think about visiting the bathroom, kids). That’s the kind of injustice Mulan herself would unsheath her sword over.

It’s a bold move for Disney, one that could come back to bite them if consumers feel it’s asking too much. But as Chapek explained, the company has taken a hit of $3.5 billion due to COVID so far. Disney+ is one of the few business ventures they have that’s pandemic-proof. It’s the only Minnie Moo worth milking.

Mulan will appear on Disney+ September 4. In regions of the world where Disney+ has not yet launched, the film will still receive a theatrical release.

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