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Disenchantment Part 4 Set For February 9 Premiere


You thought it was over, but it isn’t just yet: a fresh batch of episodes for Matt Groening’s Pastorama will be delivered next month. Netflix revealed eight new screenshots from Disenchantment Part 4 today, as well as a summary of what the season will be about.

Netflix says “The mystery of Dreamland’s origins—and the stakes for its future—become ever clearer as our trio—and King Zøg—find themselves on personal journeys that will ultimately tie in to the kingdom’s fate. Separated at the end of Part III, our heroes race to reunite in this sweeping series of ten episodes.” Even though Season 4 will be sticking closer to home than the previous one did, there will still be visits to places like Ogreland, Steamland, the Enchanted Forest, the Dreamscape, heaven, hell and everywhere in between. “All the while, puzzle pieces both canonical and personal will reveal themselves to eager fans,” Netflix promises.

Anyone feel….well….disenchanted with Disenchantment? Compared to the other shows that have borne the Groening stamp of approval, it feels kinda weak. There haven’t been nearly as many laugh-out-loud moments as there were on Futurama or The Simpsons’ golden years, and the washed-out art style fails to pop like the others. In the metaphorical Basement Party of Animation, The Simpsons is the big jolly fat man whom everyone loves to see, Futurama is the witty friend from work who always has the perfect one-liner, and Disenchantment is the guy in the corner with the weird hair and his hands in his pockets who just says “Hey, I’m here…whatever, man.”

I don’t think I’m alone in this feeling either. The earlier shows have been meme staples since the Internet began, but I haven’t seen any community that gets its kicks out of trading animated Elfo GIFs. Long commentary short: don’t be surprised if this is the final season. Hopefully Bean and friends can go out with a bang after whimpering for so long. All episodes of Disenchantment Part 4 will premiere on Netflix February 9.