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Director Of Soul and Inside Out Won’t Make More Pixar Films

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Pixar is pretty much a legend when it comes to the world of animated movies. They were helped along early on by Steve Jobs himself, and after making Toy Story they became the go-to place for animated films. The most recent of which was their movie “Soul” which starred Jamie Foxx as a musician who has an “early experience” with the afterlife. The director of that film was Pete Docter, who also did the beloved Inside Out and has been with Pixar for a long time. But don’t expect him to direct another Pixar film for some time though.

But why is that when he clearly has a major talent for this? The answer for this, is that he recently got a major promotion! And as he tells the Hollywood Reporter, his new job as CCO (Chief Creative Officer) is more about guiding the next generation than going and doing things himself.

Docter noted that at first he was very wary of the job because he truly did love to direct and animate Pixar films. But as he started getting into it he found it very rewarding. Especially when he goes and helps an up-and-coming artist realize a truth about something they’re doing. This was no doubt something that he couldn’t have known before getting the job.

Now, by his own admission, he doesn’t know how long his CCO job will go, or if he’ll decide to take back up the directing chair once again for Pixar. He’s not opposed to it, obviously, but he’ll continue to fulfill the CCO job as long as he is in its role.

As for what’s next for Pixar, there are some very curious films from them coming up. And since this is Pixar, they’re no doubt going and making new ideas for films that’ll eventually become classics no doubt.