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Dio Vs Alucard Death Battle Literally Makes It Rain Blood

Dio Vs Alucard Death Battle

For the last few seasons, Death Battle has tried to make it a point to do a Halloween-themed episode around the time of October 31st. Two years ago they did Ganon vs. Castlevania’s Dracula and it was quite a showing. Last year they did Killer Instinct’s Saberwulf vs. Darkstalkers Jon Talbain. But the match that people have been asking for (in terms of all-time match requests) has finally come in the form of the Dio Vs Alucard Death Battle.

For those who don’t know the story, we got your back. Both of these characters are what you might call “ultimate vampires” (even though Dio isn’t technically a vampire by most standards as Death Battle notes). They’re the epitome of “unkillable” in various ways and as a result, this battle couldn’t be done for some time. But now, a result has been reasonably made, and it was put alongside a battle that is as violent as you can get without it being called “gory”.

Don’t believe us? Then check out the Dio Vs Alucard Death Battle below!

There’s already some “bad blood” (pun intended) brewing among fans who don’t agree with the result, but no doubt the DB team will deal with that when the time comes.

As for next time, it’s a battle of brutal warriors who aren’t afraid to take, or destroy, someone’s soul. It’s Akuma from Street Fighter vs. Shao Khan from Mortal Kombat.

Both of these characters have been in Death Battle before. Akuma fought Shang Tsung (also from Mortal Kombat) in Season 1 and won. Shao Khan fought M. Bison (from Street Fighter) in Season 2 and won. So in many ways, this is a “final fight” between two characters that have won before for their respective franchises.

By all indications, this will be a 3D fight, making this all the more fun to watch when it comes out in two weeks.