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Did No Way Home Make Marvel’s What If…? Essential Viewing?

Marvel's What If...?

Spider-Man No Way Home was a mind-blowing film in many ways, and not surprisingly, it has reached massive success at the box office. Now being the second-biggest opening in the history of films (only behind Avengers Endgame). Needless to say, fans were pretty happy with the film, and now, they’re excited for what comes next not just with Spider-Man, but with Doctor Strange. A future that apparently ties into Marvel’s What If…?.

You see, at the end of No Way Home was two teasers. The first was Tom Hardy’s Venom being in the MCU (for all of a fraction of a few minutes screentime-wise) and then we got a full-on teaser trailer for Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. It showed many things, but right at the end, we see MCU Doctor Strange meeting his “dark counterpart” that we saw in Marvel’s What If…?. Or at least, that’s how many perceive it.

If you don’t know, the second episode of What if…? asked what would’ve happened if Doctor Strange “lost his heart” instead of his hands. In that particular universe, Stephen was in the car with his love, Christine, and after losing her did he eventually become the sorcerer we all know. But then, he used the Time Stone to try and bring her back…but he couldn’t.

So, he went on a dark path to try and absorb power in order to bring her back to life. Which worked…at the cost of destroying his whole universe. He would come back, but the point was that this story showed how the slimmest of differences can change ones path.

Thus, it makes sense that the “prime” Stephen Strange might have to confront his darker counterpart, as well as other versions of himself if the teaser is to be believed. Madness indeed.