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Devil May Cry Getting E3 Reveal?

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What’s going on with the Devil May Cry franchise? Are we getting a new release or not?

Video game leaks can be very frustrating, especially because they are known to come from either random sources or very unreliable ones. As such, it’s very hard to believe them until we hear them from the developers or publishers. One rumor/leak that has been present for a while now is a new entry coming for the Devil May Cry franchise. Many expected it to be revealed during The Game Awards last year, but it didn’t happen.

Now though, a post from Vergil voice actor Daniel Southworth has made a post that has tags that seem to indicate that Devil May Cry is indeed getting a new title.

Part of the leaks were that the game would focus on Vergil over Dante or Nero this go around, and this could be taken as that. One of the tags he had was E3, which is only 17 days away. Will it happen though? We’ll just have to wait and see.