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Detective Comics #27 Now Affordable And Wearable


How do you get your mitts on Detective Comics #27, the comic with the first appearance of Batman? How do you sit on it? How do you take it out to soccer practice and get grass stains all over it? This is how….

Several WarnerMedia companies — DC, Rooster Teeth and WB’s Consumer Products Division — are teaming up to redesign the earliest Batman art for T-shirts, hoodies and hats. One of superherodom’s most iconic characters is turning 80 this year, and to honor his birthday, wearable merch is coming out from the time he turned zero.

detective comics #27

The outside of this hat displays the Detective Comics logo, and inside are pages from the Dark Knight’s first night.

One of Mr. Wayne’s first incognito punch-outs. It’s worth noting Batman’s identity was a mystery throughout the first story, revealed only in the last panel. He also uncharacteristically shot people in that story, but no one wants to wear that part….

The Batman’s first cover art. If Batman’s birthday was back in May why are they coming out with this NOW? They decided to wait until one of those silly corporate-invented holidays for intellectual properties (Batman Day, September 21).

Art from Detective Comics #27 will be displayed on four graphic tees, a printed pocket tee, two hoodies (one zip-up and one pullover), a five-panel hat with printed lining, a premium duffel bag, and an enamel pin. Get them all on “Batman Day” at https://store.roosterteeth.com.