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Destiny’s The Taken King Officially Announced


The US patent office didn’t lie…The Taken King is the name of the next expansion for Activision’s video game franchise Destiny.

The Taken King is the biggest expansion of the game released to date, adding the first full destination to the game since launch, along with a new campaign, three new Guardian subclasses, new armor, weapons, exotics, Strikes and Crucible maps, a new Raid and even more. If you’re playing on Playstation you’ll get a bonus of an extra Strike, Crucible map, three sets of gear and an exotic weapon, all of which will remain Sony-exclusive for an entire year.

The Taken King is the next evolution of the saga, kicking off another great year of Destiny,” said Harold Ryan, Bungie’s president. “What’s exciting for the studio is to continue to open new experiences for our existing, passionate community and to welcome new players to Destiny. We’ve loved listening to players’ reaction so far and have provided nearly 30 updates along the way to continue to grow the universe. Our active players are still spending about three hours a day playing so it’s important we give them a world to engage with and surprise them with new activities in The Taken King in September.”

The Taken King takes everything that was great about Destiny, and makes it even better,” said Eric Hirshberg, CEO of Activision Publishing. “Our partners at Bungie have created something very special with this universe, and have also done a great job listening to our community as this saga continues to unfold. We are excited for the next chapter.”

This marks the third expansion for Destiny and newcomers might find it all a bit intimidating, so Activision is rereleasing the main game in a special Legendary Edition that also contains all the expansion packs released to date, including The Taken King.

The Taken King will be available for download worldwide on September 15, 2013, for all Destiny players — on Playstation 4, Playstation 3, XBox One and XBox 360.