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Destiny 3 Will Not Be Happening


The question of Destiny 3 is one that has been asked by many gamers for at least the last year. Mainly because while Destiny 2 has been growing in certain content, it felt clear to most players that the game needed another addition in order to make it so the team could truly “get what they want out of it” given all that happened with publishers. However, in a twist, Bungie has stated that a third entry in the series is not happening.

To be clear, they’re saying both that Destiny 3 is NOT in development right now, and that they’re NOT planning on making it. According to the team, they’re confident with where Destiny 2 is right now as a game and they’re aiming to build upon it for years to come. Series Director Luke Smith was the one to comment on it and thus this is not a rumor, this is a statement from the team that should be taken seriously.

Though now the question will be, “Is this the right move?” Many are wondering that because both the original Destiny and Destiny 2 have had significant problems either imposed on them by publishers or didn’t live up to the hype that the games were promoting. Destiny 2 especially had a very troubled first year because of various problems.

Bungie even acknowledged that they have left the canopy of Microsoft so that they can make their games their way without feeling that they’re sacrificing dev time and content for the sake of publishers. And yet to do that and then NOT make Destiny 3 is a very curious choice indeed.

Granted, things could easily change to the nature where they decide that the game is necessary. But one does not make this statement for it to be reversed a year or so later. One must wonder how fans are going to take this, and how this will either increase or decrease the play of Destiny 2.