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Destiny 2: Season Of The Worthy – Trials Of Osiris Set For Launch Tomorrow


Now that the coronavirus is causing the cancellation or postponement of nearly everything, there is more time to play video games while you are staying home in self-quarantine mode and tomorrow you will have another video game playing opportunity with the arrival of the “Trials of Osiris” on “Destiny 2: Season of the Worthy”.


Trials of Osiris is the competitive player vs. player [PvP] mode that you can only play on weekends and that was previously available but then mysteriously went away – but now it is back [or at least will be tomorrow].


In the Trials of Osiris, teams of three are pitted against each other with finite resources. Just like in any competition, the team with the best coordination [aka teamwork] will reap the rewards – in this case, collecting bonus loot and ascending to The Lighthouse.


You will be required to have a Power Level of 960 just to enter the Trials of Osiris but you can stockpile additional loot and armor ornaments along the way. Additionally, the game will bring back three maps from “Destiny” – Exodus Blue, The Cauldron, and The Anomaly.


Once you unlock the Trials-specific armor and weapons, you can set your sights on some other legendary weaponry such as Tommy’s Matchbook auto rifle exotic [those with a season pass will have this unlocked immediately], The Fourth Horseman shotgun [unlockable through via an exotic quest] and Seventh Seraph armor [obtained with world drops] – with the possibility of a third mysterious exotic [a heavy machine gun similar to the weapon used by a Colossus].