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Demon Slayer Mugen Train Has Grossed More Than Any 2020 Box Office Film


The 2020 global box office was 100% not what people wanted or expected. Because while certain movies did release like Birds of Prey, Bad Boys For Life, Tenet, and even Wonder Woman 1984…it wasn’t like before. The global box office shut down due to the pandemic that rocked the world and so films were either cut short in their theatrical runs (like Birds of Prey) or given limited releases in terms of the theaters that showed them (like Tenet and Wonder Woman 1984). As a result, nothing was as it should have been, which might be why the anime movie Demon Slayer Mugen Train is now the top-grossing film from 2020.

How is that possible? Simple, the movie did come out in 2020, but obviously its releases were locked in certain regions for a while. However, that eventually changed and as other regions opened up their theaters, Demon Slayer Mugen Train cleaned up. This includes the United States where so far it’s grossed basically $40 million dollars. Worldwide the film has gotten $435 million and as a result, it is the highest-grossing movie from 2020.

And to be clear, that’s a big deal. Because while obviously the circumstances are unique, it does mean that the anime film is the first non-Hollywood film to be the global box office leader during a year.

This is a huge win not just for anime fans, but for Demon Slayer fans. Because the anime based on the manga series very much caught fire and didn’t let go and now with this movie it proves that it wasn’t just a fluke thing. Furthermore, it shows just how deep the love of anime goes. Which is good because other anime movies are going to want this kind of box office results like with the third My Hero Academia movie or the recently announced Dragon Ball Super movie that’ll arrive in 2022.