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Deliver Us The Moon Launches


The science fiction action-adventure game “Deliver Us The Moon” has officially launched for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this week [after having already been launched for PC back in the heady, carefree days of October 2019].


“Deliver Us The Moon” is set in a not-too-distant apocalyptic future where – predictably – Earth’s natural resources have been depleted. In an effort to solve the energy crisis, global powers created the World Space Agency and colonized and set up operations on the moon where they have discovered a promising new source of energy, until one night….when all WSA moon communications with Earth ceased and the energy source was lost.


It is now years later and you play the role of Earth’s last astronaut hope on a do-or-die mission to the moon to investigate what happened and potentially save what is remaining of humanity. A small robot drone named ASE will be by your side to assist you in this quest.


Technology has advanced somewhat in this future world so you have cutting lasers, rockets and robotic arms as some of the tech at your disposal while you try to survive as your oxygen tanks gradually deplete.


Key features include…


Real World Themes – the very real present-day issues of climate change and the subsequent depletion of the world’s natural resources are identified as the future causes of the apocalypse in “Deliver Us The Moon”.


Multiple Gameplay Styles – Both first and third-person play are available.


Fulfill Your Astronaut Destiny – If you ever wanted to be an astronaut as a child – and who didn’t? – then you get to fulfill all your astronaut desires by foot, moon rover or monorail.


Fulfill Your Lunar Archaeologist Destiny – What if you wanted to be an archaeologist as a child? No problem – you get to sift through the ruins of the ancient doomed lunar colony and discover the real reason behind their demise.


Solve Puzzles – Puzzles constantly obstruct your path in “Deliver Us The Moon” and it is your job to solve them.


Be Mesmerized By A Haunting Soundtrack – Three hours’ worth of original music serenade you while you play the game.