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Definitive Date For Disney+ Return Of The Mandalorian


Disney+ has proven to be the runaway success that CEO Bob Iger hoped it would be. During a conference call with analysts this morning, Iger revealed as of February 3, the service has gained over 28 million paid subscribers in just the three months of its existence. Keep in mind Disney+ hasn’t even launched in the UK yet, nor Western Europe or India.

Disney estimated that the service could hover around 60 million to 90 million paid users within five years, but it may get there much quicker. Of course, one big reason for its success is The Mandalorian, a hit right out of the gate thanks to its unofficial star, Baby Yoda (officially “The Child”).

There’s a huge hunger for Baby Yoda merch, which Disney’s barely had time to sate. The Child has already been ripped off by bootlegs and baby peanuts and hedgehogs, and though an official product finally appeared early this year, it’s ridiculously expensive. Iger says that will change and we’ll be drowning in Baby Yoda stuff next Christmas, but we didn’t have to hear it from him to guess that.

But the most important thing is this: when is Season 2? Iger vowed it would show up before the year ends, and he held up that promise today by revealing a release window of October 2020. A third season is very possible, and unsurprisingly, Iger says Lucasfilm is looking into spinoffs of the series. I’d watch a Cara Dune show.

Iger also confirmed release dates for its Marvel content that it teased during the Super Bowl. Falcon and the Winter Soldier is coming in August, and the still-bewildering WandaVision will arrive in December.

Finally, Iger said Disney+ will continue its strategy of releasing original content one episode at a time, unlike its competition that dumps seasons at once. After all, in the face of success like this, why change anything?