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Death Battle Shows Off Unique Matchup With Iron Fist Vs Po

Iron Fist Vs Po

One of the things that makes the internet series Death Battle so much fun to watch season after season is the fact that they go and try to create all sorts of unique matches that people usually wouldn’t expect to see or want to discuss, and prove why they can be really fun to behold. Death Battle Season 8 has been trying to live up to that promise, and now they’re taking things to that very level with the latest episode to be released by them: Iron Fist Vs Po.

This matchup is interesting for various reasons. Not the least of which is that most times a Marvel character would be paired up against their “Counterpart” in the DC Comics universe (as Marvel vs DC usually gets a lot of views due to diehard fans), but in this case, they went to a universe that no one would’ve likely predicted…Kung Fu Panda. The beloved movie and television franchise may not have been spoken about recently but it still holds a place in many fans hearts. So putting these martial arts masters and “Dragon Warriors” against one another is truly a treat.

The fight is rendered in 2D but has some animation effects and events that might take you by surprise, so watch the Iron Fist Vs Po Death Battle below and see if you are able to predict just who might come out on top!

As for the next major Death Battle, as the mid-season finale looms, fans are going to get a matchup that many have been wanting to see for a while. Steven Universe himself versus Star Butterfly from Star Vs The Forces of Evil.

This match has been talked about for awhile on Death Battle and even was done in a Community Death Battle on their popular podcast. But who will win in that fight? We’ll find out in two weeks!