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Death Battle Season 8 Brings The Evil With Goku Black vs Reverse Flash

Goku Black vs Reverse Flash

Death Battle Season 8 has featured many heroic characters taking their place in the ring. But there have also been a few villains who have gotten their chance at glory as well. In the first half of the season we witnessed Lex Luthor vs. Doctor Doom, as well as Geese Howard enter the ring. But with the second half of Season 8, Death Battle has brought forth two truly villainous characters to fight, it’s time for Goku Black vs Reverse Flash.

For those who aren’t familiar with why these characters are fighting, they are the “dark mirrors” of classic heroes. Goku Black is the result of a villain named Zamasu from Dragon Ball Super going and wishing to inhabit the body of Goku, and then going on a rampage that nearly eradicated life in the universe. Meanwhile, Eobard Thawne was the fan turned ultimate rival of Barry Allen, and thus became the Revere Flash. Their obsessions drove them mad and thus they have been a fan-requested matchup for some time.

The Death Battle itself showcases their obsession, time-traveling abilities, and of course, their evil quite well. You can watch the Goku Black vs Reverse Flash fight below, and once done, you can observe the very unique matchup that is coming up…

Your eyes do not deceive you. For the 150th episode of Death Battle, they’re finally delivering on the match that Chad James (voice of Boomstick) has wanted for 10 years: Macho Man Randy Savage vs. The Kool-Aid Man.

James has already noted that this matchup is going to be very different structure-wise from previous episodes, and will finally solve the true mystery of Boomstick’s father. The fight will be done via hand drawn animation and it promises to get insane before all is said and done.

That fight will arrive on October 10th.