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Death Battle Returns With Epic Yoda vs King Mickey Fight!

Yoda vs King Mickey

For the past 10 years, there are many who have come out to try and ask questions of “who would win in a fight?” between beloved characters of comic books, movies, TV shows, and more. Usually, it would end in a fan vote or a debate with no clear victor because of the format of their show. However, over the last ten years, Death Battle has given people those answers, and whether they loved them or hated them, they kept watching. Now, Death Battle Season 8 is here with its premiere episode: Yoda vs King Mickey.

This episode was once considered a “banned” episode because Mickey is heavily protected by Disney (no, really, they don’t like their characters being used without permission) and Yoda was always deemed “too powerful” to be put into a serious Death Battle. But now, both characters are getting their time to show in this battle, and it’s truly something to behold.

The battle itself is rendered in the Source Engine, and it makes the fight even more beautiful as both characters are able to use their full power in 3D with beautiful SFX to help make it look even better. But who does win in a fight between the two? You can check out Yoda vs King Mickey below. And stay tuned to the end to see who is next, we guarantee you won’t guess it.

A special note about Death Battle Season 8. This season is their 10th-anniversary season, and as such, they’re doing something special by putting forth some of the best and more epic and fan-requested fights they can to celebrate the season in style. With the promise that each one is “worthy of being a season starter or season-ender”. A bold claim, but one they’re aiming to back up.

So strap in, because this season of Death Battle is going to be a wild ride.