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Death Battle Puts Epic Final Bosses Against One Another In Heihachi Mishima vs Geese Howard

Heihachi Mishima vs Geese Howard

Death Battle Season 8 rages on, and with each episode the unique and fun combatants they bring into the matchups grows even more epic. After doing a “typical” match with a DC Comics versus Marvel fight, they shifted and went straight to the fighting game bosses! It’s the King of the Iron Fist versus the self-proclaimed King of Fighters via Heihachi Mishima vs Geese Howard! Tekken and King of Fighters/Fatal Fury have only had a few combatants come to Death Battle in the past, and they’ve never faced each other franchise wise in this domain, so this was going to be something special.

Plus, as fans might recall, the first DLC character for Tekken was Geese Howard and the trailer showed him beating up Heihachi Mishima. But was that going to be the case when the Death Battle came? That is the question.

This 2D features a lot of nods to both franchises. Not the least of which is the setting for the fight being a volcano (a thing very prevalent in Tekken) and the voice acting is done to truly mimic the video games. With Heihachi’s VO being in Japanese and Geese’s VO mimicking the overly dramatic and deep voice he gave in the original Fatal Fury titles.

But who wins? Watch Heihachi Mishima vs Geese Howard below!

As for the next Death Battle, a long-requested fight from the fans comes to bear! As Blake Belladonna from RWBY (which is owned by Rooster Teeth, the same company who now owns Death Battle) will fight Mikasa from Attack on Titan. These two combatants have very similar weapons, among other things. Plus, they’re known for fighting monsters.

This is likely going to be a 3D fight based on past RWBY battles, and as for Attack On Titan, this is their first entry into the Death Battle realm! The fight will happen in two weeks.