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Death Battle Goes Full Anime With Shadow vs Ryuko Matoi Fight!

Shadow vs Ryuko Matoi

Death Battle has been working hard to deliver a season like never before for its fans. Because this is their 10th anniversary season and they indeed want to go big on the episodes they present. And true to form, their second battle of the season (and first 2D battle of the season) is an anime-style fight via Shadow vs Ryuko Matoi! These black-and-red-haired powerhouses have been circling each other for years in the minds of fans…and each other apparently, so now is the time to go and see who would win in a fight to the death!

For those who don’t get the joke, SEGA held a special “Q&A” session with the characters of the Sonic franchise. Mainly Sonic, Shadow, Tails and Dr. Eggman with their voice actors providing the answers. When Shadow asked what his favorite anime was, he noted it was Kill La Kill and referenced Ryuko Matoi as the reason why.

The matchup itself is special for various reasons, not the least of which was that the team behind the animation did many custom shots that they hand-drew in the Studio Trigger (the animation studio behind Kill La Kill) style to help tie it to Ryuko Matoi even more. As well as create some epic scenes in the process like her transformations and the various uses for her Scissor Blade.

If you want to watch Shadow vs Ryuko Matoi, you can do so below.

As for what’s next on Death Battle, it’s a rather curious matchup that’ll leave many scratching their heads in certain ways.

As it’s Lex Luthor going up against Dr. Doom. Both of these combatants have been in Death Battle before, and so them going up against each other is curious to say the least. We’ll see in less than two weeks which of these maniacal geniuses will come out on top.