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Death Battle Ends 10th Anniversary Season with Saitama Vs Popeye

Saitama Vs Popeye

When Death Battle Season 8 started, it was marked as a season that would be a “legacy season” of sorts. To honor the shows 10 years on the internet (that started with Samus Vs Boba Fett and went on for another 150+ episodes) and to deliver matches both desired and surprising. Episodes from this season included Yoda Vs King Mickey, Batman Vs Iron Man, Steven Universe Vs Star Butterfly, the highly-anticipated Link Vs Cloud rematch, and more. But the ending episode that was just released yesterday was something truly surprising…Saitama Vs Popeye.

Why was this surprising? Well, many fans felt the long-desired matchup between Galactus and Unicron was going to end the 10th anniversary season in style. But instead…fans got Saitama Vs Popeye. HOWEVER don’t think for one second that this is a “lesser” finale, because this battle has literally knocked the socks off of everyone who has watched it and then some.

These are characters who are cartoonishly ludicrous in the best ways. One-Punch Man is just that, a man who in his universe can beat anything with one “serious” punch. Then Popeye is someone who has the power of Toon Force behind him and allows him to beat anything by the end of his cartoon, especially when fueled by the “miracle food” that is Spinach.

So what happens when you put Anime powers against Toon Force? Watch the battle below and find out. Trust me, you won’t expect just how grand this fight is.

As for Death Battle Season 9, that’s already in the works as confirmed by both series creator Ben Singer and the teaser at the end of the season finale. And fans have already discerned some of the characters that were shown in it (no spoilers here, try and see if you can notice them all!)

Furthermore, on their latest Death Battle Cast, Singer promise that Season 9 would again feature unique matchups, and feature characters from franchises you wouldn’t expect to see in Death Battle. Season 9 debuts in March 2022!