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Death Battle Debuts Mid-Season Finale Via Link Vs Cloud

Link vs Cloud Death Battle

Without a doubt, one of the true “bread and butter” matchups that Death Battle loves to do is that of the of the “nerd debate” type. Death Battle has done this many a time via their DC vs Marvel matchups, but there are a few that go beyond comics. And two “eternal rivals” that many fans have debated about in terms of who’s better is Link vs Cloud. Two legendary swordsmen from classic gaming franchises who wield incredible blades, use mighty magic and save the day when called upon.

Funnily enough, Link vs Cloud has already been a Death Battle via a season 1 episode. One that was actually their first 3D Death Battle ever. The catch though was that the show was still figuring out what they were doing in terms of rules and scenarios (which changed drastically via Season 3) and thus the “ruleset” for that fight was deemed…restrictive by fans. So much so in fact that despite a “winner” being named, they demanded a rematch, and now, in Season 8, they got it.

This new fight includes everything you would want to see from these fighters. Link has access to not just all of his incarnations, but the vast array of items that he’s gotten from this journeys. Cloud meanwhile has full Materia access including summons.

Who wins? Well, you’re going to have to watch and see, but we can promise you this is a battle that you won’t want to miss.

As for what’s next for Death Battle, that would be a break of sorts. They’re off until September, but in the gap in between the returning DBX will fill up the void. However, they did tease a shocking entrant for the next fight when it returns.

Batman…with the Hellbat Suit.

But who will he face in a fight? We’ll just have to wait and find out.