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Death Battle Brings Villains To War In Lex Luthor Vs Doctor Doom

Lex Luthor vs Doctor Doom

There are many popular types of matches with the series known as Death Battle. But the one that many viewers absolutely love to see are the DC Comics vs Marvel matchups. Mainly because these are true “fan wars” that are often only settled in verbal debates and not via actual action. Death Battle can fix that and in its 8th season we’ve gotten its first DC Comics vs Marvel matchup with Lex Luthor Vs Doctor Doom. Yes, two men with mighty minds and armors are going to duke it out to see just who is the best of the best.

This battle’s theme if you will are masterminds who are driven by their hatred of certain superheroes. In this case Superman and Mr. Fantastic. Their egos are unrivaled and what they’ll go through and do to both themselves and to others to prove both their mental and physical superiority is unmatched. So thus, who would in a fight of Lex Luthor Vs Doctor Doom? Find out below and see for yourself!

Truly this was a fun fight for the animators to make, taking into account all the powers and gadgets and abilities of the two fighters.

As for the next matchup, we’re going to the realm of fighting games as its Geese Howard vs Heihachi Mishima. Fatal Fury/King of Fighters vs Tekken. The connections between Heihachi and Geese Howard are that both are power-hungry businessmen who are the CEOs of their respective corporations and are also the heads of certain fighting tournaments of which they’ve participated in.

These masters of martial arts are ruthless men who care not for the whims of others, only power, and have proven that against both the protagonists of their series, and even their own families.

That matchup will take place in two weeks, so stay tuned!