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Death Battle Brings Time Travel Matchup With Cable vs Booster Gold

Cable vs Booster Gold

When it comes to fanbases, something that can always be counted on is heated debates about who would win in a fight between two specific characters. This has only gotten more popular with the arrival of the internet, forums, Youtube videos, and more. Certain shows even dedicate themselves to proving who would win in these versus matches. The biggest and most popular one of all being Death Battle, which has just launched its newest episode with Cable vs Booster Gold.

For those who don’t know, Death Battle takes versus matches and applies a very scientific outlook on them. They dive into the deep history of their comics, TV shows, movies, and more and try to calculate their feats based on the information presented. They use real math and science for each character and then compare the two to see who would win in a fight. Then, they have an animated battle in 2D or 3D to show one version of said fight.

The fight they bring forward with Cable vs Booster Gold is a special one, and one that shouldn’t be judged on just the combatants alone. Cable is a key member of the X-Men, and is a fan favorite thanks to not just the comics, but the X-Men animated series of the 90’s and the recent Deadpool 2 film.

As for Booster Gold, he’s been in comics for a while too, and he’s been in the Justice League Unlimited show, Batman Brave and the Bold, Justice League Action, and more.

Both have time travel abilities, and they show that in the fight, as well as a slew of abilities that you might not know about unless you really know the characters.

So dive into the Death Battle below, and wait for the very end of the video for the tease of the next fight, it’s definitely one to get the fanbases talking.