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Death Battle Brings The “Princes Of Pride” To Bear Via Thor vs Vegeta

Death Battle, Thor vs Vegeta

So far, Death Battle Season 9 has been following the trend of doing matches that were teased in reveals during the end of their 10th anniversary season. And that continued with the fourth matchup of this season via Thor vs. Vegeta. This matchup has been requested by fans for a long time, and it’s not hard to see why. Both are princes from warrior races, each of them were trained to be the very best, and they have been known to have egos that could shatter planets and universes if you tick them off. Just saying.

This is another 2D sprite fight, but don’t let that dissuade you from watching. In fact, it should encourage you to watch! Because lead animator Luis Cruz and his team went deep to make sure that both combatants were shown at their absolute peak. Including doing the first truly animated rendition of Ultra Ego from the Dragon Ball Super manga.

Who wins in this battle of prideful princes? Watch Thor vs Vegeta below and find out!

And next time on Death Battle, we have our first “surprise fight” of the season, and it is one that has also been requested and teased by the DB team and its fans for a while. It’s Omni-Man from the Invincible comics, and…Homelander from The Boys.

If you’re not familiar with the connections between these two, both of them are “Evil Superman” types with incredible power, egos, and a corrupted sense of morality and justice. Not to mention, they both have series on Amazon Prime. In fact, when Death Battle announced Omni-Man vs. Homelander on Twitter, both shows quoted the tweet and poked fun at each other!

So this is going to be a very interesting thing to watch unfold, especially as some only know these characters via their adaptations and not the comic arcs that are already done. We’ll find out what happens in two weeks!