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Death Battle Brings Steven Universe Vs Star Butterfly To Life In Epic Clash

Steven Universe Vs Star Butterfly

Death Battle Season 8 is the 10th-anniversary celebration of their creation, and as promised by the team, there were and are going to be matches that would be “all-star quality” throughout the season, and most would agree that they’ve done that for the most part. And now, they’ve proven that in an even bigger way because in the episode leading up to their midseason finale, they’ve dropped an animated bombshell via Steven Universe Vs Star Butterfly.

As noted by the Death Battle crew, Steven Universe Vs Star Butterfly is one of the most highly-requested matches in Death Battle history in recent years. While the shows weren’t around when Death Battle started, once they got going and had their fanbases talking, these two incredibly powerful beings were said to be perfect rivals for one another.

But the question is, who would win? Stephen has the defenses for just about anything, and Star’s spells are vast, powerful, and insane. Plus, both have superforms that can greatly enhance their powers.

So who takes in an animated sprite-fight to the death? Watch below, and find out!

As for who goes and fights in the midseason finale, it’s a rematch 9 years in the making. Link vs Cloud.

Death Battle faithful will know that these two have already clashed in the past via the show’s first-ever 3D fight. But that was with much more “lax” and yet restrictive rules on what the two could and couldn’t do (Cloud couldn’t use summons, Link didn’t have access to fairy revivals, and so on). But since that Season 1 battle (in which Link won), the rules of Death Battle have changed heavily, so much so that not unlike theĀ  Mario vs Sonic rematch, we might just find ourselves with a new victor.

So who will win that epic clash of swords this go around? We’ll find out in two weeks!