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Death Battle Brings “Ego Death” To Life Via Magneto vs Tetsuo

Magneto vs Tetsuo

There has honestly been a bit of a trend in the most recent episodes of Death Battle. Mainly in that the last trio of matches (including the one we’re about to talk about) have featured characters with ego and hubris for days. First was Thor and Vegeta, then came Omni-Man vs Homelander, and now, we have the battle of the “super evolved” via Magneto vs Tetsuo. And these two are most definitely known for their power and what that has done to their minds and personalities.

These two are beings of their world who are “superior” due to their powersets. Magneto being a Mutant is literally known species-wise as “Homo-Superior” and has flexed his magnetic muscles in order to try and put Mutants on the top of the world’s food chain. Tetsuo Shima meanwhile comes from the legendary Manga/Anime Akira, where he is one of a few gifted “Espers” who have powers that transcend humanity. But as in all things, these powers have costs, and both of them have suffered due to that.

This Death Battle will see whose mastery of their powers is at their true peak, and just how much they can take when fighting someone who is like them. Check out Magneto vs Tetsuo below:

And as for next time on Death Battle, we have something truly unique and special. Because throughout the series history, they have dabbled with “forms of mythology”, including noting in a recent DB that things like comics are the “modern mythology”.

However, for the first time ever, we’re getting an ACTUAL battle of mythology. As we’re getting Hercules from Greek Mythology (and to be clear, NOT the Marvel or DC Comics incarnation) vs. Sun Wukong from Chinese Mythology (very popular due to Journey To The West).

How will this battle be handled visually and research-wise? We’ll find out soon.