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Death Battle Brings Black Adam Vs Apocalypse To Bear To Showcase Destruction!

Black Adam Vs Apocalypse

Death Battle is here once again to continue the back half of their 9th season. They dealt some major damage in their last fight, but now, they’re about to get biblical. More or less. Because this time around it’s DC Comics versus Marvel once again as Black Adam Vs Apocalypse has come! And with their arrival they will shower the battleground with all sort of blood as they fight for their peoples.

The similarities for these two are honestly very plain and yet very intertwined. Both of them came from very humble beginnings and had to fight for their survival at a young age. Then, when they rose to power they were determined to ensure that their rule of law, their belief of “survival of the fittest” was the only way to live and survive in the world. They are also beings that possess the powers of gods. Black Adam via the Egyptian pantheon that he calls upon, and Apocalypse from the Celestials/Eternals, of whom he has gotten several key pieces of equipment from over the years.

They are characters who never waver in their beliefs, and will even change sides on a whim should they feel it will help benefit their goals.

The 2D battle is easily one of the most brutal of recent Death Battle history, with its finishing move something that…will need to be seen to be believed. You can watch Black Adam Vs Apocalypse below.

As for next time on Death Battle, it’s another long-requested matchup, but with a key twist here that needs context to be understood.

Because in the next Death Battle it’ll be Trunks from the Dragon Ball Heroes/Xenoverse saga, versus Silver The Hedgehog from Archie Comics. Why these two specific variations? Because they are the “strongest versions” of the character, and thus must be considered for the Death Battle to come in two weeks.