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Death Battle Brings An Answer To Red Vs Blue Debate!

Red vs Blue, Death Battle

When it comes to Death Battle, they’re always aiming to surprise its fans with what it does in terms of big match-ups. And in their latest episode they’ve done that quite well, as they’ve decided to go to the origins of their publisher in Rooster Teeth to decide who would really win in a fight between the Red Team and the Blue Team. Yep, it’s the fight of the ages, Red vs Blue!

For those who aren’t in on the joke, Red vs Blue was the Machina series that well and truly started the life of Rooster Teeth and has been going on for now 18 seasons. It’s become a pop culture phenomenon and allowed Rooster Teeth to go and make various other series like RWBY, Camp Camp, and even bring in Death Battle eventually. The show has already had a fight on Death Battle via Carolina vs The Meta, but things are going to get a bit more hilarious with the OG crews.

And to be clear, this fight of Red Team vs Blue Team is one that features the original squads that were shown in Season 1 of the show…but gives them all the experience and weaponry that they had during the rest of the saga. No Agent Washington, no Carolina, no Doc or Sister, just Red Team and Blue Team.

As noted by Death Battle head Ben Singer, he had been cooking up this idea for some time, and when it came time for the 18th season of RVB to be made, former Death Battle animator Torrian Crawford decided to use this as a way of not only showing what he could do as a director of animation, but also be a pitch of sorts for what the new season could be like. Sure enough, the 3D animated battle wowed all on the teams and thus he was given the reings to RVB: Zero which has a few episodes up right now on the Rooster Teeth site.

Check out the Death Battle below.