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Death Battle “Answers” Question Of James Bond vs John Wick


Death Battle has finally made its Season 9 return. After taking some of the Summer off to get ready for the back half (and bringing back the beloved Desk of Death Battle to fill the gap), they’re back, and this time around they’ve brought out one of the most-desired matches of modern times: James Bond vs John Wick.

The reason for this battle is both simple and yet multi-layered. In many ways, James Bond was one of the original “action heroes” of the movie world. He’s had movies that have spawned literal decades and multiple actors. He was the one who made not just being a spy “cool”, he’s the one who did it with the most style and swauve. Everyone knows this man and his one-liners.

As for John Wick, he’s the modern action hero in every form of the word. After all, he’s the Baba Yaga. He’s the man you hire to kill everyone and get through things in order to get the job done no matter what. Over the course of his three movies (with a fourth on the way), he’s done things on screen that seemed to not just boggle the mind, but break the rules of reality.

So what happens when you put a gentlemen spy against arguably the greatest assassin ever put on the screen? Well, Death Battle aims to express that in a 3D fight that will definitely have people talking for various reasons.

You can watch James Bond vs John Wick below:

As for the next Death Battle, it’s yet another fan-requested matchup that was actually a DBX (their spinoff show) not too long ago. It’s Black Adam versus Apocalypse. These are two superpowered beings who believe in “The survival of the fittest” and dispensing their own brutal kind of justice.

We’ll find out in two weeks who wins that.