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Deadpool 3 Gets Release Date…and Wolverine!


Oh to be Ryan Reynolds right now. The man is on top of the world in various ways. He makes movies that do well at the box office, but he doesn’t shoehorn his way into films that he doesn’t want to do. He runs a variety of businesses that are incredibly successful including gin, cell phones, and an advertising company. Oh, and he’s widely considered one of the best superhero actors on the planet because of his time as Wade Wilson. The only thing that isn’t good is that we haven’t heard any meaningful updates about Deadpool 3 in a long time. So, he decided to change that today.

Because in a tweet video that you can see below, Ryan admitted that it’s been a bit since an update has happened, and he says that it’s because his team is working hard to make Deadpool 3 the best it can be. Reynolds poked fun at the “creative process” of it all and even wore the Deadpool costume for some of those moments, only to say that he has no idea what to do with the movie. Although, he also admitted he had one idea…

Yep!!! Hugh Jackman is back as Wolverine baby!!! This is going to be SO AWESOME!!!

Fans have been begging Hugh Jackman to come back as Logan for years, and Ryan Reynolds has been right there with us for that journey. He’s been growing a “bromance” with Jackman to try and get him into the third Deadpool movie, and it worked!

So now we know they’ll be reunited for whatever the third movie will be. There’s no confirmation of plot outside of it being in the MCU, so we’ll just have to take what we can get and hope it’s enough.

Oh, and the movie will arrive on September 26th, 2024.