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DC Unchained Coming March 2018

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What will DC Unchained, the action RPG starring 30 popular DC superheroes, be like? For now, only a select crowd overseas know for sure. But does the trailer give us some hints?

FourThirtyThree Inc, publisher of the upcoming game, will be holding a closed beta test in South Korea, Taiwan, Japan and Hong Kong from January 10 through January 17. “Throughout the test period, we will carefully check the game’s balance and functionality along with network latency and stability,” said In-Woo Park, ThumbAge’s lead game PM.

DC Unchained will pack a story mode consisting of 60 different stages, plus time attack, wave defense and real-time PvP and co-op modes. The expected characters such as Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman will be controllable and you’ll be using their traditional weapons to fight your way through the stages: Superman has his eye beams, Batman has his throwable gadgets and Harley Quinn can use her giant mallet. And Flash can simply run into people.

Assumng all goes smoothly in the beta, DC Unchained will be out worldwide on mobile platforms this March. Here’s the aforementioned trailer….

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