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DC Fandome Confirms Major Reveals and Stars

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Last year the entertainment industry took a major hit, mainly because TV shows, movies, video games and more all took a hit due to the restrictions from the global pandemic. DC Comics had to push back its whole slate of films in order to compensate. But to show fans that they weren’t going to stop promoting what they had, they made the DC Fandome. A digital day-long event where people could join in and watch their favorite stars, creators, artists and more talk about what’s coming up for DC Comics.

It was a major hit, and so it shouldn’t be a surprise that this year’s DC Fandome is just as anticipated.  Especially when you consider that much like last year, there are a LOT of things coming out from DC Comics. So, they released a trailer and some stills showcasing who is going to be there, you can see them all below.

Yeah, there are some pretty big names there, and it shows just how big they’re trying to make this. For example, with Dwayne Johnson being there we’re likely to get a look at the Black Adam movie that has been in development for years and finally will release next July.

We can also talk about how they’re bringing in some of their animated series stars like Kaley Cucuo for the third season of Harley Quinn, or how they’re bringing in Bruce Timm to talk about his new animated series Batman: The Caped Crusader.

This says nothing of all the other stars that will be there, like Tara Strong who will voice Harley Quinn once more in the Suicide Squad:Kill The Justice League game, or the Arrowverse stars who will be promoting the upcoming seasons of their shows.

DC Fandome is coming on October 16th, and it’s likely going to be a show to remember.