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DC Announces Four New Animated Short Films

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Warner Bros has been creating original animated movies based on their DC properties for well over a decade now, but in recent years they’ve also started experimenting with shorts. Sometimes these smaller stories show up as Blu-Ray bonus features with a regular movie, sometimes they appear on the web and sometimes they’re expanded into multi-part adventures that become movies in their own right (see: Vixen).

Today they announced four more are now in production. What these new shorts have in common is that, with one notable exception, they’re all adaptions of corners of the DC Universe that previously haven’t gotten much animated exposure. The first new short, scheduled for a Spring 2021 release, will be based on Kamandi: The Last Boy On Earth. If you’re familiar with the comic then you know what this short will be about: a young man trying to survive a post-apocalyptic environment where evolved super-animals are now a threat. This short will be released with the Justice Society: World War II movie.

The second short is The Losers, also making their animated debut and the most recent creation to get a short. Blue Beetle is the subject of the third short, and no stranger to animation, having previously made appearances in Batman: The Brave And The Bold and Young Justice — but this will be his first short. Finally, there’s the man we’ve certainly seen animated before, not just in shorts but in movies, as well as live action (the dude is everywhere): John Constantine.

Kamandi was the only one of the three shorts to get a release window — we’re not sure when WB plans to release the Losers or Blue Beetle shorts, or how. But Constantine is a special case…that one will be longer than the others and it’ll be used as the focal point for a new collection of shorts that will be released in 2022 (language is vague here; we’re not sure if WB means another lineup of new shorts, or a literal collection of previously released shorts).